Vintage Ring Shopping in Paris

Travel Tips from a Photographer | Ely Fair Photography | France So I mentioned in the last post that I also got a souvenir in France. Well, mine was a ring. I've been potting away a little money each paycheck for the past year because I wanted to buy a ring in Paris. An heirloom piece that I could pass onto my future grandkids.

It actually ended up being kind of hard to find places to get a ring. I searched on the internet and found a post that gave us a good start, but I thought I'd share our experience in case anyone out there is wanting to find a vintage/antique ring in Paris.

Okay. Things to know. Bijoux means jewelry. Anciens means old/antique. So if you are looking up places to find antique jewelry, those are your key words. We visited about 4 different places and these were the contenders (please excuse my swollen hands and iPhone photos):

Vintage Ring Shopping in Paris

These are the places we visited (note: a lot of these places are closed on Sunday and Monday so plan accordingly) Arts et Bijoux: 147 BLD Saint Germain, 75006. Most of their selection is in the front window. They probably had my favorite selection of vintage rings (that were in my price range) of all the places that we looked at, and where I ended up choosing a ring. They also can resize in shop in about 2 hours, so that was nice not to have to worry about doing when we got back to the states.

Catherine-Philomene M: 77, avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75012. Don't let the jewelry in her window fool you. I didn't think that she would have anything that we were looking for based on the jewelry in her window, but when we went in she had trays upon trays of rings. If you are looking for an engagement ring this is where I would start. I pulled probably 7 rings out that I really liked. Her rings will have a range of age though-- the one I liked best from her was actually from the 1980's so it wasn't quite so antique. Unless you consider me an antique too. :-) Catherine spoke very little English so it was kind of hard to communicate, so you might brush up on your shopping phrases.

Benoit: 67 rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006. This is a place that buys and sells. It didn't have a huge ring selection, but you never know where the perfect ring will be. What they have is in the window so if you don't see anything you like don't bother going in. There are a lot of cute stores in the area so it makes the trip there fun even if you don't find anything.

Dary's: 362, rue Saint-Honore 75001. Dary's has a really nice selection but they're a little pricey and the help is a little uppity. They had that turquoise ring on the second row that is dreamy.

So there it is, those were the places we found! Hope it helps!

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