Small Business Series No. 8: Rekindled Vintage Rentals

It was practically impossible for me to choose just 3 photos for this Small Business Series. Kylie & Molly are just the cutest. And since a large part of their business is going around and discovering vintage treasures, I got to spend a morning with the duo looking for some great finds. So I'd like to introduce you to Kylie Swanson & Molly Perkins of Rekindled Vintage Rentals. Two best friends who dreamed up a sweet vintage rentals company. Rekindled Vintage Rentals, Ely Fair Photography Rekindled Vintage Rentals, Ely Fair Photography


Names: Kylie Swanson and Molly Perkins

Business Name: Rekindled Vintage Rentals

Favorite Dessert: Macaroons, in any & all flavors!

Favorite Artist/Album: We rock a whole heck of a lot of Florence & the Machine in the Rekindled office! “The Dog Days Are Over” almost always results in a quick mid-day dance party.

When did you start your business? Rekindled began as a small idea in the summer of 2011 after Kylie tied the knot. She moved to Houston for a year and a half after marrying her better half, and it soon became something she just couldn’t shake. After moving back to Tulsa in early 2013, we officially launched in April and we’ve been wearing our party shoes ever since.

What inspired you to start it? Rekindled was born from a deep desire to provide Oklahoma brides with an opportunity to celebrate their story and what matters most in their lives. For us, our pieces are so much more than just rentals. When we’re hunting for vintage treasures, we have a habit of envisioning each piece in a unique story. We don’t just see an antique settee, we see a couple sitting on that settee under a 200 year old Oak tree on a balmy summer evening, laughing and living in the moment. We don’t just see an old farm table, we see a bride and her dashing groom with a group of their nearest and dearest gathered around that table, enjoying life with their whole hearts and making memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. These are the stories that matter. These are the stories that we want to create through Rekindled.

What would you say was your biggest challenge to overcome? The strive for perfection is always challenging. When you’re in the beginning stages of starting a business, any business for that matter, the reality is that things won’t ever be perfect. You can’t let the desire for perfection turn into procrastination, and one of our favorite mantras, courtesy of Lara Casey, is that “done is better than perfect.” We try to live by that truth daily.

Who/what was your biggest encouragement and why? We are so overwhelmingly blessed in the support department. Our friends and family have been there for us each and every day, through the good ones and the bad ones. But the biggest encourager award most certainly goes to our two husbands. They are honestly the creme of the crop, and we’d be up a creek without a paddle if it weren’t for the both of them!

What is your favorite part of your business? Oh, this is such an impossible question! We are so head over heels in love with every square inch of our business, and most days, this job of ours feels like a dream. Honestly, the freedom of creativity is something that fires us up daily. We are able to pursue the passions in our heart every single morning, and for us, nothing could be better!

If you had advice to anyone who might be starting a business? Stick to your core. Know your mission and stay strongly connected to it. Realize early on that you can’t and won’t please everyone, and that’s OKAY! It’s more than okay, because it means you’re doing something right. Give yourself a lot of grace, work hard, and be nice. Success will follow!

Anything else about your small business that you’re passionate about? We’re a boutique business, and we’re as serious about providing exceptional service as we are about our love for celebrations. We believe in living a life that’s filled with extravagant stories and we’re passionate about helping others do the same. Our goal today and forever will be to help our clients rekindle their love for what matters most.


We have loved working with Rekindled Vintage Rentals on some of our photo shoots, so if you are wanting to add a little glam to your sessions or wedding you might check them out for their styling services! I promise you will fall in love with them too. :-)  Thanks for being a part of the series Kylie & Molly! XOXO Ely & Ryan

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