Small Business Series No. 4: Bella Vita Artisan Jewelry

As I was thinking about blogging today, and I realized I missed my Small Business Series post for the month! So today I'd like you to meet Brandy Thomason McNair of Bella Vita Artisan Jewelry. Bella Vita Artisan Jewelrybrandy

I love Brandy's workspace...I can tell so much creativity goes on there! Here's a little from Brandy:

Name: Brandy Thomason McNair

Business Name: Bella Vita Artisan Jewelry


Favorite Dessert: Coconut Cream Pie

Favorite Artist/Album: ooh this is tough. I can't narrow it down but I can tell you my favorite genres are Americana, Roots Rock, Alt. Country... some favorite artists are Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Drive by Truckers, Dwight Yoakam, Neko Case etc. etc. etc.

When did you start your business? December 2008

What inspired you to start it? Due to a bad economy, I had lost my job in Interior Design (what I went to college for) and just had to make something happen!  I have been making jewelry since I was a little girl, age 11 to be exact, so that is 19 years! I took a break for college b/c I didn't think I wanted to do jewelry forever... Little did I know, this is what I am most passionate about!

What would you say was your biggest challenge to overcome? Learning how to balance everything!!! Who/what was your biggest encouragement and why? My family, my husband, my friends, and even my clients. From day one, I've had an amazing support system! What is your favorite part of your business? I think my favorite part is that it is all mine! I am a really hard worker and for years I worked for other people and sometimes I know I was appreciated but other times I know I wasn't. This time I do it all for myself and my business and to me that is a good feeling.

If you had advice to anyone who might be starting a business like yours? Be patient! Things will happen, sales will come. Try hard but don't force it. And most of all be happy.

Weekend Favorite

Weekend Favorite