My Updated Workspace

Since our office is filled with packing supplies and equipment and all of the other lovely things we need to run a business, my workspace has overflowed into a corner of our living room as well. Granted, I'm not complaining much because that means I get to be out in the living room with Ryan and Pete...and the TV...right by the kitchen that has all the snacks.... But here is the challenge with me. I am an inconvenient person. I always choose the most difficult driving route, the most expensive dress, and furniture that never has storage. I don't mean to, that is just how I am. Apparently in another life I was a grand woman of privilege or something. So, in my inconvenientness, I have three great tables for workspace, but none of them had more than one tiny little drawer. This does not fare well for operating a business, especially when the person operating tends to be on the messy side. So in celebration of our one year full-time-photogra-versary, we rewarded ourselves with a desk. A desk that has drawers. SEVEN. GLORIOUS. DRAWERS.

I'm so excited about it that I'm even going to show you my terribly messy workspace from before. Here is a before and after:

Desk Before & After

All of that stuff fit into the desk! Even Pete. JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING. He is patiently waiting over by the treats because he thinks he deserves one every time the camera is clicked in the house, whether or not he is in the picture. He really is becoming quite the demanding artist.

Weekend Favorite: Ely Fair Photography

1 Year Full Time Photogra-Versary (A Few Days Late)