Fransen & Todd: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

I knew I was going to like Fransen & Todd from the minute they showed up on my doorstep...a week earlier than scheduled. I don't know what must have been running through their minds as I stared at them blankly until I figured out what was going on. And then two things happened.  1) I was immediately thankful that earlier I had a hair appointment, therefore I was dressed in real clothes and not my pajamas and 2) I immediately fell in love with them because this was totally something I would have done myself. Their wedding day was a fantastic fall day, the venue was lovely, and the bride as beautiful as can be. I was touched so many times during the day with the amount of love that these two have for each other, and how well they love others. The pastor, who happened to be a childhood friend of Todd, spoke to Todd about Fransen and how she has a presence that is life giving. That stuck out to me because after getting to spend this special day with them, I couldn't agree more.


Weekend Fav: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers