1 Year Full Time Photogra-Versary (A Few Days Late)

I can never remember the date of our wedding anniversary. Is it May 25th or the 26th....hmmm... But it's okay because Ryan can't remember most of the time either. We are terrible about that stuff. In fact, for the first 9 months we recognized our 'monthaversaries' on the wrong day. And we didn't realize that we did that until Ryan recalled the football game we watched before he asked me to be his best gal*. Ryan will like me to note that those were not the words he said, but as I am almost 30 now the term "asked me out" seems not right.

Hold on. Let's recognize a fact here. #1 Ryan remembers football dates better than, well you know, life changing event dates. #2 I was voluntarily watching football. The things a girl will do for love. :)

Anyway, all of this to say, a date that I don't think I will ever forget is March 16, 2012. The day that I put my favorite bicycle dress on, and walked through the doors of my very first (and only) job out of college for the last time as a full time employee. And when I walked out of those doors, it started my career as a full time photographer.

Sometimes it's still weird to say that. I think in a small way I still feel like I'm getting to live a play life, that at any point someone is going to call me in and tell me to wash up and get ready for bed. I'm not going to put up a pretense that it's all butterflies and rainbows, or that I've loved every minute of it. Because it's not true. Some months it was really hard. Some months is was scary. But I can confidently say that every month I saw provision in my life, and I am thankful for that for many reasons. Probably the first being that we could pay our bills and buy some Ramen. But more meaningful than that, it made me live outside the comfort zone of a steady and reliable paycheck and work schedule, which in turn made me so thankful for the blessings we have been given.

There was a point at the end of 2011 when Ryan and I were in the car and I said to him that "something has to give, I either need to quit my full time job or quit photography. But I can't do both anymore." And really, I wanted to give up on photography because it was the easier choice. Or at least the less scary one. But Ryan refused to let us do that. Because he knew that I would regret not seeing where it would take us.

I'm sitting here reflecting about where this all has taken us. And I think that what is the most meaningful to me is the connections we have gotten to make with people. People whom I now can call friends, and if I had closed the doors to this opportunity I would have never met. We got to witness 17 wonderful couples join their lives together, have met 28 new little people in their first few days of being on Earth, and have captured the love between numerous families. I think it's safe to say that I'm a pretty lucky gal that Ryan encouraged me to not give up, and in return let all these wonderful people in my life.  Thanks to everyone who encouraged us, loved us, fed us, read our blog posts and told me when things were spelled wrong, and to everyone who allowed us to be a part of telling your story. :)


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