The Small Business Series: Ely Fair, Personal Project

So for a while now I've been wanting to start a personal project. You've seen these-- a 365 project where you take a photo everyday. Or taking pictures in nature settings that look like letters. Honestly, I'm miserable at them. I get busy, and then the project gets put on the back burner, and then I get discouraged that I missed a day/week and then I quit. But I keep coming back to it that I want to do some photos outside the realm of what I do everyday. And I think for me to follow trough with it, it needs to be meaningful to me.

When Ryan's grandfather passed away in January, there was a lot of going through photos and reminissing. Grandma Bev pulled out an album from her childhood, and the photo that stuck with me the most was a b&w 8x10 photo of her father in this apron, surrounded by canned and fresh goods at his newly opened grocery store. I felt like it was such a showed me a bit of this person who I never met, but I got to understand him a little more. And it got me thinking: we spend a lot of time taking pictures on our vacations, or in neat locations, but the places aren't particularly personal to us. We often forget to see the meaning and magic in what we do daily.

Soooo, what I've decided to do is a project I've labeled "The Small Business Series." Why not combine two of the things I love-- photography and the people who have the heart to pursue their dreams in business. My thought is to take "environmental head shots" of people doing what they do everyday. I'm going to start my focus here in Oklahoma City.

These pics weren't taken as part of the series, but this kind of gives you an idea of what I mean. These are pics I snapped on a whim for my dear friend over at Carriage House Design Co.:

woodsAnyway, I'm really excited and hope that this will bring me closer to the creative community in Oklahoma and can be a blessing to their future great grandkids that get to see the amazing things their predecessors lived out.

So, are any of you young business owners? Do something creative? If you are somewhat remotely interested in letting me take your photo, please email me at ely (at) elyfairphotos (dot) com or fill out the contact form here and I'll send you some more information. Thanks!!!!


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