Roderick & Jennifer: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Photographers

My first off campus living experience was in a little 4-plex apartment right off Duck street, just across from the OSU football practice field. It was fantastic, however also a little ghetto-- it had this carpet that was a dark brown mix of colors that dawned a carved pattern into the shag. It was excellent for never having to pay back your deposit because NOTHING ever showed on it, but on the other hand it always made me wonder what else had been spilled on it in the decades before. Anyone who lived in Stilly at the same time as me will know exactly what I'm talking about. But even with the brown sea of shag, it was still awesome. It was a hop away from campus (which meant we spent many pre-game hours there with friends), it had two fun boys living next door that we got in prank wars with, central heat and air, assigned parking, and was my first real home as a pseudo-adult. It will always have a special place in my heart. Okay, so why am I telling you about less than pristine floors of my college apartment when I'm about to show you one of the most gorgeous weddings we have shot? Because the groom just happens to be one of the boys who lived next door to us in those duck street apartments. But it wasn't until Jennifer and Roderick showed up on our doorstep that I knew it!

It's fun to see the way that our job intersects with different parts of our lives. The people we meet (and re-meet), the people we photograph who are childhood best friends with another one of my clients, and the way they all interconnect into a strange and wonderful web.  I feel so blessed by the places photography has lead us, and the wonderful people we get to experience a part of life with. Wonderful people including Jennifer & Roderick. Jennifer is one of the most gentle spirited and sweet people that I've encountered. And Roderick-- You know I think you're quite the stand up guy-- but I'm pretty sure you out kicked your coverage this time. Way to go friend. :)

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Jennifer did some really personal and neat details at the wedding. One of them being that she collected the wedding dresses of the ladies in her and Roderick's family and displayed them in the entry of the museum. My favorite was her grandma's because it was a skirt suit, just like my grandma's.Ely_Fair_Photos_043 Ely_Fair_Photos_044 Ely_Fair_Photos_045 Ely_Fair_Photos_046 Ely_Fair_Photos_048

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