Petite Session Contest!

So I made this secret promise to myself that when we hit 500 likes on our facebook page, I'd say thank you to everyone by giving away something or running a contest. And we hit it today, and we are going to do both! So as a thank you to all of our 'fans' we are giving away a free Petite Session. All you have to do is be our FB page fan, and then tell us in the comments below what is your favorite cheesy love song. But for all of you people that might not have a little one to bring to a Petite Session, here is something for you too! Tell us your worst Valentine story...a bad date, cheesy story, terrible present...and we are giving away a $25 gift card to one of our favorite restaurants for you to have a Valentines redo! If you are in OKC, you'll get a card to The Mule, and Tavern on Brady if you are in Tulsa. And if you're not in get Chili's or something. ;)

So there will be TWO winners from this for a Petite Session and one for the winner of the sad story brownie (or really gift card...but I always say brownie. Does anyone remember that from Knotting Hill? Did anyone other than me actually watch that movie?).  If you are entering for the Petite, start your message with AIRMAIL, and if you are telling me your story start it with BROWNIE.

For example, I will give you mine: AIRMAIL: My favorite cheesy love song is Kiss from A Rose by Seal.  It's actually Time of My Life from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. For sure, don't know how I forgot.

BROWNIE: The worst valentines gift I ever got was from a boy I was dating in High School. It was a giant white teddy bear holding a heart, of which he had sprayed his cologne on. But perhaps why that gift is is embarrassing is that boy ended up being a drug dealer. That is all. My parents don't know that, but now they probably will.

Fine Print: To give everyone a chance, please only comment once, either for the Petite or Night Out. But we'd still love to hear your story even if you are submitting for the Petite. :) Contest ends at end of day Tuesday. 


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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