Little H: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

One of the most absolute BEST things about developing relationships with my wedding couples is watching their families grow. It really is one of my favorite experiences-- to travel through different milestones in their lives, taking their engagement pictures, and then capturing the special moments of their wedding day, and then even their first few years as a young married couple. But as they say...First comes the love, then comes the marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! We love Tiffany & Jason (and now little Hayden!). They're the type of clients that we look forward to catching up with when we see them. I've not only gotten to see their different life phases, but I've been able to observe the way that their love has grown and morphed through them. I can remember their love as excitement and anticipation at their engagements. And then on their wedding day it was a warmth and comfort type of love-- the kind of love that you knew was settled in to stay.

But seeing them as parents was a new level of love that was overflowing, and really very touching to me. Hearing Jason talk about Tiffany, her birth story and what a trooper she was, I could hear the pride and joy in his voice toward her. And before I even got to see Hayden, to hear them talk about her with smiles on their face that were uncontrollable--at 4 days in it already felt like family.

I feel so blessed to have been able to watch your love grow and overflow for the past few years, thank you for letting me be a part of it. xoxoely

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