Fun and Feathers: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer Petite Sessions

Twas the night before the petite sessions, and all though the house...there was panic. Okay, maybe not ALL through the house. Just me. The backdrop wasn't the exact color I was wanting, I wished that the bedspread was more white, you can't even tell that I spray painted ALL of those paper chains...why aren't the stockings hanging right? Do I have enough space to shoot from this angle? THIS IS GOING TO BE A DISASTER, WHOS IDEA IS THIS ANYWAY??!? Mine. Right. But then the giggles.

Oh, the giggles. Each kiddo that came through had so much fun, genuine smiles and giggles of getting to jump on the bed or throw snowballs. I honestly can't think of anything I love to photograph more that a room full of giggles and smiles.

Not to get overly deep on you, but think this was a great reminder for me that it's not all about the backdrop, the location, or the prop. What makes a great picture is the great person in it, and the joy that they have. I think because my degree is in graphic design, I tend to get wrapped up in the little details of everything having to be perfect, and align perfectly and be just the right shade. Much easier to do on the computer screen than in real life. But real life is just so much better. See for yourself :)

So something to think about for next year is the 'wreck the set' shoot. Basically it is the last shoot of the day, but instead of a petite it is a full session that we can dedicate more time to your shoot. This year my wreck the set was with these sweet sisters:

Did I saw sweet? I think I meant to say sassy ;)

And of course we need one of my baby:


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