Andy & Carlie's Lake Engagement

Go for a trout, don't waste your time on the scum suckers in the pond. Some of the wisest words of dating advice I have ever received that came from the cutest, shortest, funniest little lady that I've had in my life. Who also happened to be Andy's grandma. Growing up the youngest of a family of three girls, I would say that Andy had to be the closest to a little brother that I had. His family is like a second family to me, his sister and I had countless slumber parties, family dinners and times chasing after their Siamese cat. Charles, that was his name right?

So I was pleased as punch when I heard that he and Carlie were dating. I got to know Carlie a little bit when I was interning at my church for a summer. I remember thinking that even as a high school student, she had such a gentle and mature spirit, and a faith that challenged mine even though she was many years younger than me.

There are some couples that you are around and they make you laugh. There are some couples that challenge you intellectually. There are some couples who you are around and they make you feel warm and loved. And then there are some couples that possess all of these qualities, and you just know they are going to do great things in this world-- and that is Andy & Carlie.

Grandma would be so proud of you Andy, you've snagged a trout.

Oh, and PS, Andy has a really cool eye. I mean, he has lots of great qualities, it sounds really random when I just say it like that. But the eye is cool. You can kind of see it in this pic, it's half is blue and half is green. That would totally be my party trick. Oh, you can open a bottle of beer with your forearm? Well I have a bicolor eye. Can't beat genetics suckas, I am inherently cool!

I am so, so, so excited to see the great places your life together will take you. xoxoely

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