September Baby-Palooza! Ely Fair, Newborn Photographer

Okay guys. September was a record month of newborn pics for us. I had the pleasure of meeting more than 6 new little people! So, in honor of all the baby excitement, we decided to run a contest! I'm going to introduce you to all of our precious little lads and ladies, and you tell us which you think should win the grand prize of....

Now, let's meet our contenders:

Look at that smile and the chubby cheeks?? He is like the snuggles bear!

Ivan. He's a hoot. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

Stetson-- he's going to be a lady killer with those kissable lips!

Hannah and her island style. For a while I thought she was going to be the only girl of the month until...

Georgia made her appearance with her brother James! Twins! Probably an unfair advantage because it's cuteness x2!

So leave a comment below for your vote!!! (Voting at midnight next Wednesday, multiple comments from the same person will only be counted as one)


Weekend Favorite(s)

Weekend Favorite