Jennifer & David: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

Jennifer & David got married in July, right before we went on our Italy trip (I know, I know, I'm so behind on my blogging!)  I have about a million wonderful things to say about them and their special day, but the thing that stands out in my mind from their wedding was DANCING! I suppose that Ryan and I pride ourselves on getting to know our couples, and we do a pretty good job of guessing what their weddings will be like. We even have a game that we bet on what the brides dress will look like before we see it-- so far I am winning the count.

Jennifer and David seemed pretty reserved to us-- very kind, both of them seemed to have gentle spirits. They love wine and to travel-- so we figured that we had them pegged: It would be a beautiful wedding at The ClaurenRidge Winery  full of lots of love, laughter and warm feelings. Which was so true. But what we didn't expect is that they had the BEST dance party that we have photographed to date.

Let me set the picture for you: there is some dancing, everyone having fun, and then the DJ interupts: "So, I have had a couple of requests for this song. It's an odd request, but this is for you David." And the theme song from the Ghostbusters starts playing. I watch David as he smiles, rolls his head, and looks around. I expect him to laugh and keep on dancing at the pace he has been going.

But he surprised us. Completely.

All the sudden he busts out full force--completely serious--with a dance I would describe as a marriage between Thriller and the electric slide. And it was epic. EPIC. And it set the tone for a crazy of a party the rest of the night.

So, congratulations Jennifer & David for reminding us that life is full of wonderful surprises that make us smile and love our job.

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