Ben & Kristen: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Engagement Photographers

I was looking over the blog today and I realized that we have been working A LOT lately, but not really showing much of it on the blog. So I wanted to share one of my most recent favorites before I forget! Ben & Kristen were awesome because they hands down trusted me with their pics. I gave them a very vague idea of where I wanted to shoot "I was driving and I saw this tree and then this awesome forrest that got burned in the recent fires. I don't really know how to tell you to get there, but let's meet up and ride together..." I put myself in their shoes...I'm not sure if I would have showed up to that appointment. But they showed up with smiling faces, excited for the adventure. I like to call this session my Sweet and Sassy session, because we started out with the feel and images that I know and love, and then branched out to something to an area that I wouldn't normally shoot in, but still loved the change of scenery.

So lets's start with our sweet.

And now our sassy. So, this is really out of the ordinary for me. I love the sun filled, warm and gooey images. But when I was driving and saw a patch of trees that had been scorched from the recent grass fires here in Oklahoma, I couldn't help but fall in love with the beauty of it.  It reminds me of the kind of the whimsical feel of a Tim Berton set. I loved how it felt like it was a black and white scene, but it wasn't. And I love the contrast of the life of Ben and Kristen to the stillness of the trees. Okay, I'm getting to serious here, all this just to say that even though this was really different for me and actually a challenge to photograph and edit, but I love love this patch of trees. Could you imagine doing bridals there?? It would be fantastic. Way too dirty, but fantastic.

So, what do you guys think?

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