Okay, ALMOST done with the travel fun. I have some great weddings and portraits to show you after these, so I must power through! Tuscany. I would say this is our second love. Tuscany just felt like Italy was supposed to feel. All of those cheesy paintings of Italy-- they are true to life in Tuscany. Fields of sunflowers, rolling hills that look like patchwork quilts, and we happened to be staying in an old farmhouse that had an infinity pool. Really doesn't get much better than that.

Another wonderful thing about our time there is that we were able to meet up with some family that happened to be traveling at the same time. It was sooooo nice to see happy faces, who spoke our language, meet us at the train station. AND they took good care of us, making sure we got to the train, cooking us fabulous meals and teaching us wonderful new games like Scooch. Ask me about it sometime, I'll teach you and also Ryan has an excellent 'Scooch' face.

While we were in the Cinqua Terra, a couple on the train told us about how the day before we were in Tuscany/Siena there was going to be a horse race in Siena. Each neighborhood in the city had a horse and they would parade them in, cheering and shouting. They described it as Harry Potter/quidditch-esque, or like the house competition like Gryffindor vs. Slytherin.  So, naturally we were sad we would miss it and wanted to become these people's best friends and talk about butterbeer, horcruxes, and how much we hate Malfoy. But mostly just sad we would miss the race. But we DID get to see the winning horse parading through the streets of Siena with his convoy of proud townsmen.  

So when overseas and you have no data plan you will find yourself (or at least find Ryan) looking for free wifi all over the place.  When Ryan found one everyone got excited.

Above on the right is a far-far-far out shot of where we stayed. :)

Call me a work-a-holic, but another one of my favorite parts of Tuscany was that I got to do some portraits of our gracious hosts. They're all so cute, it kind of makes you want to hurl. ;)

Tuscany Yays

  • Family!
  • Siena was wonderful. The church there was one of my favorites, and it has a very nice feel to the town.
  • Beautiful

Tuscany Nays

  • We had issues with the train. The smaller towns don't have representatives that speak English very well and combined with our inadequate Italian made for a frustrating travel experience.

Alright! There's Tuscany! Stay tuned for Florence and travel tips next week!

Florence and a Note to Dearest Melody

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