The Levy Family: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Family Photographer

So if you give me a super stylish and sweet family with playful and joyful kids and I am in family portrait heaven. Just like this family. I mean, how cute are they?

And I end with one of my favorite family photos. I LOVE this pic because anyone who has ever done family photos with a one year old understands that there becomes a point in time that the kiddo is just done. You can be playing and having fun and it's the best time in the world, and then the timer dings and they are not interested anymore. Sometimes we will try to trick them into thinking it is so much fun and take photos with out them...and I love that Briggs decided he would just take a load off in the background of this one. Maybe I'm the only one with a weird sense of humor, but it cracks me up and I love it.

Dara & Randy: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Wedding Photographers

Happy First Day of School!