Dara & Randy: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Wedding Photographers

We have been so lucky lately to have worked with a couple of clients who just understand us. Who are 100% behind our concept and style and trust us to do what we do. Dara & I could be kindred spirit on our thoughts behind telling the story of a wedding day. Even though this was the smallest and shortest wedding we have ever photographed, it really made me fall in love with my job all over again. So this is the setting : a Wednesday morning early in August, Federal Courthouse, Guest list of 7: Bride, Groom, Judge, 2 witnesses and Ryan and I. The brides bouquet sprinkled with Peonies, groom in his dress uniform, all in a large Federal courtroom that didn't feel one bit too big because the joy that  Randy and Dara exuded filled the whole place. Both Randy & Dara have such sweet and kind spirits towards not only each other, but to everyone they come in contact with was so contagious. It made even seasoned wedding goers as ourselves tear up a bit.  Anyway, on to the pictures!

Another reason I am so in love with this wedding is because for several years now I have wanted to take photos in Stella. They have this AMAZING wallpaper with faces and I think it is so cool. So when Dara told me that is where their first date was, and she knew the owner that might let us take pictures in there I just about did a backflip. I still want to do bridals there someday, it would be so pretty!

Thank you so much Dara & Randy for letting us be a part of your beautiful day! xoxoely

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