The Wall: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

So I whole heartedly believe in having prints in your home. Not just because I'm a photographer...well, maybe because I'm a photographer. But I believe that photos aren't just a tool that I use to sell things. They're heirlooms. One of the most favorite things I do when I go to visit my grandma is that she has an vast collection of photos that she has saved over the years. Photos that are classic, photos that are posed, and photos that are just random. I love them. ALL of them. Some of them are blurry, some of them probably aren't the most flattering, but I think that even the non-perfect pictures are important. I keep reminding myself that in my own photos that not every photo has be to perfectly exposed, perfectly in focus, and perfectly composed to be worthwhile.

Anyway, I think that photos are important. And I felt like it was about time that I adhered to my own advice and occupied some wall real-estate in my home, and I thought I would share. I"m not the best decorator, but at least I'm taking my own advice!


And since I said that I would embrace picture that weren't perfect, here's a pic of Pete being so cute, even though it is a little out of focus. I still think he's cute. And one of my dad at his birthday party when he was little, because it is one of my most favorite photos ever. xoxoely 

Tessa & Anna: Ely Fair, Traveling Newborn Photographer

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