So if you've tried to call our phones for the past few weeks, you were disappointed by our straight to voicemail settings. I promise it's not because we don't love you, it's because for the past 17 days we have been exploring the motherland (well, my motherland), Italy. Because we have been out and about, for the next few weeks we thought we would share our experiences on the blog-- mainly so we can show our friends and family the carefully selected, best pics from the trip & not overwhelm them with the 2,000 (yes, 2000) pics.  So we apologize if we bore you with travel pics and tips, but we will get back to the good stuff soon!

Here are the places we will talk about, in the order we traveled:

We will go through pics and our favorite and least favorite parts of each place. Ryan was new to European travel, and I had never had to plan a vacation myself (baby of the family syndrome), so it was all a new experience for us. And we figured we would share any tips we learned incase any of you were planning a trip anytime soon. So tune back in the next few weeks to hear about our adventures! xoxoely


Tessa & Anna: Ely Fair, Traveling Newborn Photographer