Stephanie & Jamie: Ely Fair, Dallas Wedding Photographer

So this was probably Ryan's all time favorite wedding. Aside from the fact that these two are super sweet, the location was gorgeous, and where was so much joy surrounding the day, these two are super-huge sports fans. I would say almost rivaling my husband in fandom. In fact, as Stephanie walked toward her groom for her first sight, emotions high ready to see Jamie for the first time on the day that they would commit the rest of their lives to one another...her words as she approached him were: So does anyone know the score of the Rangers game? And I was officially forbidden by the groom to give Ryan dirty looks when he checked his phone for the score of the Thunder playoff game.  You see...officially Ryan's favorite wedding.

Walter Cash: Ely Fair, Tulsa Baby Photographer

Nephew David: Ely Fair, Newborn Photographer