Sam & Eric: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Samantha was one of the most beautiful brides we have seen. I think if I had a do-over of my own wedding I would have completely stolen her style--hair, dress (it had pockets!), shoes-- all perfect! I guess I am lucky that I got married before I became a wedding photographer because I have seen so many amazing ideas and sweet details that it would have been a much, MUCH more time consuming ordeal. I get stressed out just thinking about it! But, anyway, enough about me, I'll get back to the lovely wedding day of Samantha & Eric.

All of Eric's groomsmen were brothers, so we had a fun afternoon of taking their photos. Having all sisters, I can't imagine growing up with 5 boys! I bet life was always exciting.

Isn't their cake out of control beautiful? I couldn't stop taking pics of it, it was so pretty. One of their super cute details from their reception was that it was loosely cheese themed. They love cheese, so the grooms cake was designed as a piece of cheese, they had a mac-and-cheese bar as part of their dinner, and all of the tables were named after a cheese.

Congratulations Sam & Eric, thanks for letting us be a part of your day! xoxoely

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Weekend Favorite: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Wedding Photographers