Lauren & Sam, Part I: Ely Fair, Austin Wedding Photographers

Sooo many pictures to show you from this wedding, but maybe that's because it's the wedding of my little sister (in-law. But I claim her as my own.) It's really interesting to be on the other side of the photography process. A couple years ago we had a photo shoot done with some of our sweet friends from Colorado, and I can't tell you what a great learning lesson it was for us to know how it felt to know if we were posing in the right ways, where we were supposed to put our hands, etc. And that's how I feel I am about these pics. There were so many special pics to me that it was hard to choose which ones to post. So I just decided to have 2 super long ones. And I have to brag on Ryan a lot for this one-- since I was the maid-of-honor, he took the lead on this one particularly in the formal and wedding shots. He was so great at handling the larger load of the day, and it made me ever more thankful that I have such an amazing partner.

I think that we should start this post with her paper goods. Because I think that one of the most amazing things about this wedding is how personal Lauren made it. And her invites were the forerunner to the show. :)

Because Lori and Sam wanted to wait to see each other until before the wedding, but still wanted to get some shots downtown at the Capitol where he proposed, one of her bridesmaids made this cute sheet to make sure that there wasn't any accidental encounters with her groom.

It's weird to see myself in pictures....

It was a little tricky, but we got the two of them to the capitol without seeing each other, and got to take some pics of the first moment that they held hands on their wedding day. :)

Group shot, bride and groom STILL haven't seen each other. We are proud of this one for the sheer maneuvering that it took :)

Okay, I'll leave you here for now and we will start back up at WEDDING TIME!!!

Venue: Palm DoorCatering: Pink Avocado Photographers: Ely Fair Photography Dress: Unbridaled, Austin Paper Goods: your truely Shoes: Hey Lady from BHLDN Boutonnieres, Flags, Headpiece, Ring bearer Pillow, & most other decor: Made by the very talented bride

Lauren & Sam, Part II: Ely Fair, Austin Wedding Photographers

Brooks: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Child Photographer