Candice & Jon's Lazy Afternoon Maternity Session: Ely Fair, OKlahoma City Photographer

Jonathan & sweet Candice have been dear friends since college. I went through the Graphic Design program at OSU with Jonathan, and I met Candice on the first week of college. It is fun to think back to even that first semester of school because Candice had already fallen for Jonathan. I'm not really sure if Jonathan had a clue at that point, but ever since they got together during our Junior year, the McCoys have been one of the most tried and true couples I know. Over the past 6 years they have served missions in Thailand, started an amazing blog about healthy eating, started a fantastic design company (seriously, Jonathan is so talented, his business is called Outbox Design). Together these two are unstoppable, and I so much respect the life they lead. And were even a huge encouraging factor in my own leap into full-time photography. So, needless to say, I am so happy for Candice and Jon and the two little ones they will be welcoming into the world soon.  And I was looking forward to our shoots together. We were scheduled for a Thursday, and I get a call Wednesday afternoon from Jonathan. Candice had been put on bed rest. With two little one's on the way, her body waited until her last day of work at school and then decided that she needed a rest. So with her on bed-rest, the thoughts of the outdoor session barefoot in a field went out the window. And I just knew she was going to be so sad if we had to cancel the shoot. So we had to get creative with the shoot-- something that would still be intimate and special, but making sure she could still sit or lay down. And these images turned out really special to me because I think it truly is a documentation of  this time in their life. So, imagine a lazy afternoon, hanging out at home and relaxing with the one you love. And that is the setting for our shoot.

I love this print they have in the nursery. Because I feel like it it soooo fitting for a family, particularly a family that is about to embark on the adventure of having TWINS! But twins just seem so right for them.

I am so excited for you two. After I got over my initial shock that I will be the only one of our little college group that won't have MULTIPLE children here in a couple of months. But I love how much love already love these kiddos, and love seeing the double stroller in your house and learning about cloth diapers. I can't wait to follow your adventures. xoxoely

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