Sweet Sophie: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

The weather man had predicted rain. But it seemed like it was going to hold off, even giving moments of sunshine as I peeked out the window through-out the day. Yet as I jumped in the car and got closer and closer to our location, the sky seemed to become more and more foreboding. And then there it was...drip...drip...in comes the rain. Not for long, just enough to stress me out and make the skies gray.

I feel like I've been fighting with the sun to show her face over the past month. But I am enjoying the cooler weather so I'm not going to complain (much). Although I am missing my sun flare shots, the next best thing on a dreary day was a photo shoot with Sophie. Seriously, that little smile can bring sunshine into anyones day. :)

One of my favorite things about Sophie is that she says 'no' to everything. Even when she means yes. So we would ask her if she wanted to go on a walk, and she would enthusiastically say "no!" And we would ask her if she wanted some M&Ms (or in her case M&M&Ms), and she would perk up and tell us "no!"

Out of control precious.

I hope that the Easter bunny brought lots of M&M&Ms Sophie! xoxoely


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