My Favorite Places: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

So Pete's birthday was last week, so to celebrate his special day I took an excursion to one of our favorite places in the city-- The Barking Dog Bakery.

Meet Sherri. She is the owner and dog treat baker. Ryan and I have been buying our dog food from her for the past few years, and she is always such a joy to catch up with. Always with a smile on her face, and great suggestions for treats for our spoiled pup. One of the things that I really like the most about the doggie bakery is that I know that the treats that I am feeding Pete are healthy and don't have anything bad in them that can hurt him. Sherry says that they strive to make products that will enhance the health of the 'customers.' Most ingredients are posted directly on their products, and they can make special accommodations if your furry friend has special dietary needs. Pete loves the dog bones and snickerpoodles. :)

Sherry was so sweet to offer to make Pete one of their custom dog cakes for his birthday! How cute is that!?! I love the outlined dog treat with his age.

And this is the part of our program where I talk about how Pete is spoiled rotten. He is always spoiled, but usually not rotten. But I had a cute little set up for him and I was going to take pics of him before he ate it. But I looked down for one second at the camera, and ::gulp:: it was G-O-N-E. Only a cute little green snout to show for it.

So if you are wanting to spoil your pup rotten for their birthday, check out The Barking Dog Bakery on N. May avenue and wave to Sherri if you see her around town driving in her cute yellow Barking Dog Bakery Mini Cooper.


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