Baby Lane: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer

Lane was the model newborn during our shoot--soothed easily and slept the whole time, a little angel! And his little face would srunch up so cute. I think that's just the best. Lane's mom is Amy (I think I've talked about her before) is best friends with my older sister Kristine and I've know here since I was in, like, 3rd grade. She was so cool-- drove an SUV with cow skin seat covers on them, and was a lifeguard and oh so pretty. Which all of those things are still true, minus the cow skin seat covers. But it is fun to see her as a mom. She's so good at it, and he loves her kiddos fiercely. And in addition to that, she ALSO has an esty shop where she makes and sells gorgeous jewelry, you should check it out, But even though her work is awesome, by far the best things that she produces are her sweet little boys. :)

Grayson is Two: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Family Photographer

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