Goodbyes and a Sneak Peek: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographers

Lots of exciting things happening in the month of March! It's officially my second day of full time photography (well, third if  you count that it is 2 in the morning on wednesday). It's still doesn't feel real seems like I'm just on a really long weekend. Last Friday my work threw a little going away shindig...I am starting to feel so nostalgic! My first job out of college, and I don't think I could have asked for better people to work with. I honestly can say that I leave there having gained not only the skills to design and produce publications, but also with friendships that are meaningful and long lasting. I almost feel left out that I haven't been able to go back into the office!

Oh, big green exclamation point and PMS 2925 blue dots, I will miss you. You have treated me well over the years.

So, for my first few days of 'retirement' (Ryan hates it when I call it my retirement...) we  have been preparing for Ryan's little sisters wedding. Designing programs and signs, gathering all the camera gear, buying last minute presents and supplies. Oh, yes, and one trip to the mall to get an icee. Because we needed a pick me up because I am the maid of honor, designer AND we are photographing the wedding, too! So needless to say, we are quite the little headless chickens around here. But the wedding is going to be Legen....wait for it...dary.

But we also have a little side project I've been working is a little sneak peek of what has been occupying loads of my time...coming to a computer screen near you in the next week or so! Fingers crossed!

Liz & Adam; Dallas Wedding Photographers

Welcome Sweet Elodie: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer