Roger & the Fam: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Family Photographer

Sweet Roger. Really, have you seen a cuter little man? We took some time to take pics of mom & dad. Also known as Tess & Josh.  These two are super sweet together, honestly kind souls. I first met Tess in college as the roommate of my friend Cassie. I'm not going to lie, I spent 3 years being completely intimidated by her! She is one of those amazing women who have such a confident presence about them. The type of person who can have the attention of a whole room with out even saying a word. I was able to get to know her a bit over the past few years through Cassie's wedding, and learned what a kind person she is, and see the way that she loves others so well.

Loved spending a warm February afternoon with this great family & I can't wait to watch them as they grow up together.