Lori & Sam's Playful Sort of Love: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Meet Lori and Sam.

Scratch that, and let's try again. Meet Lori and Sam.

This picture much better defines them. Lori is my little sister. She's actually Ryans little sis, but I claim her as my own. The first time I ever met her she was bleach blonde to play the role of Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. No wig for this gal, she went all in. And I feel like that's a pretty good representation of who she is. Very creative, passionate, and follows things with her whole heart. Even if it is a light-hearted heart.

So I pretty much hit the jackpot on sibling-in-laws when it comes to her. So, obviously, it would have to be a pretty amazing person that Lori would choose to spend her life with. And Sam pretty much fills those big shoes. Okay, he fills them and then has his big toe sticking out of the the front. He is intelligent, kind, and amused by all that is Lori. And even if I had never met the guy, I would have known that he was a suitable beau by the way that I have seen Lori flourish into a confident, reliable and loving person since she has been with him. And even though they are so much in love that it kind of grosses me out sometimes, I am so happy that Lori found Sam.

And there is my Maid of Honor toast at the wedding, if I were to give one. Which I won't be. Because I'm afraid of talking the the public sort of way. Anyway, but with all of those things said about Lori and Sam, one of the best things about them is their light-hearted love. So we brainstormed and decided that we wanted to focus on a playful sort of love. Because that's just them--so much fun, and they love each other so much without any reserve.



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