In the Fair household, we tend to believe that Leap Day should be a holiday or something. It only comes every 4 years! It's like the graduation day of the calendar or something.

Sooooooo, we figured that today would be as good as any to make our announcement....drum roll please....

I'm taking the leap into full time photography. Yep. That's right. Now, I know all of you are disappointed because you thought we were going to have a baby, weren't you all? You can admit it.

The past three years have been exciting building my business, and I swear I still get giddy when people ask me to take their photos. I feel like it's such an honor to be able to document peoples lives. I truly believe that photos are heirlooms, and they are so precious.

I've also learned that time is precious, and I just wasn't having enough anymore to give to the important things. Like spending time with friends and family, cooking meals, even going to sleep at the same time as my husband. Ely Fair Photography has been so blessed to have grown and flourished so much in the past year, but it was getting to the point that something had to give-- and it was between quitting my full time design job, or quitting photography for good. And even though the latter sounds much more safe, I let the Chamber know that my last day of work would be March 16th.


I am not a risk taker. And, to be perfectly honest, I'm not an optimist either. It feels wrong to admit that for all of the internet to see, but I'm admitting it. BECAUSE I'M SCARED OUT OF MY MIND. I recognize that there are so many people that take much bigger risks than me every single day, but it was a really hard choice to not take the easy road of staying at a 9-5 with a steady paycheck. I'm a creature of comfort. And the unknown is uncomfortable to me.

But I am also really blessed. Because I have Ryan. Who is an optimist. Who convinces me that we won't be eating ramen for every meal. And that 6 months from now I won't be closing my doors to the business. And if we are, then we would be shutting them with no regrets. I'm also so blessed by what an amazingly supportive person he has be thus far. He is my second shooter, lighting guru and all around most amazing business partner, but he also stepped up in our household when I was spending all hours of the night infront of the computer. He took on cooking dinners AND doing the dishes, grocery shopping and the laundry. I know, right? What is more sexy than a man who does the laundry. Back off ladies, he's mine...

Overall, I'm super excited and super nervous all at the same time. I'm looking forward to more time to dedicate to the business, and more time to spend with people I love, and to relieve Ryan from bearing all the load that he has been the past few months. I'm excited to see where we will be 6 month from now. Even 6 YEARS from now. But either way it will be a journey, and I think that I'll be glad that we traveled on it.

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