Lately I have been enjoying some extra time to myself. I choose to let January and February be my time to catch up on life. After wedding season spins into Christmas season, and all the sudden we are ringing in the new year and I'm still over here writing March on my checks. Babies are my main concentration in the winter months because, well, they don't halt their growing on account that I'm on holiday. I mean, you'd think they could wait at least a couple months for me...:) With my extra time Ryan and I have been spending some quality time relaxing, and becoming a little obsessed with our streaming netflix. We recently got a dvd player that hooks up to the internet, and it has a netflix button and everything! I'm sure people have had this for years already, but I was super excited about it. And we stumbled upon two black holes of television goodness....How I Met Your Mother and Friday Night Lights. Has anyone else out there been sucked into those shows? Seriously, I have been having football dreams lately.

Other than our terribly non-productive television watching habit, I've spent my time  hanging out with these sweet kiddos:

And I know that she's not a kiddo....but she is in my heart! Julia's senior pics! I remember her when she was barely as tall as my elbow!

And also throwing a bridal shower for this lady:

(best thing about sisters is that you can post goofy pics of them and they'll love you anyway)

And doing lots of snuggling with this guy:

Roger & the Fam: Ely Fair, Oklahoma Family Photographer

Lori & Sam's Playful Sort of Love: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers