Thankfulness Train of Thought

I am thankful for...

Songs with upbeat tunes to sing me through the day.
Inlaws who love me.
Sisters who make me laugh.
Moms who care and worry when I cry.
Dads who have funny quirks and funny walks that I've inherited.
Heaters in my car.
Friends who make scarves.
People who can do things that I can't do so I can be amazed.
People who encourage me to do the things I can.
Pete's funny groans and sighs.
The day Pete gets a bath and gets to sleep in the bed with us.
OSU having a good season= a happy husband.
That my husband is usually happy, even sans OSU success.
That Ryan is so full of grace - the personality kind, not the walking kind.
Friends who make decision for me when I don't want to.
That we introduced ourselves to the neighbors finally.
For my grandma's pie crust recipe. Round brushes.
Encouraging words.
Sleeping in.
Photos that make me smile when I'd editing them, with out even knowing.
Ryan always pointing that out.
Ryan doing the laundry.
Harry Potter.
Hunger Games.
Audio books.
Water pic.
Comfortable shoes.
Sweet clients.
Awesome clients.
Having work to do.
So many things...

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