Becky & Todd Married: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Rain or Shine. Couldn't be more appropriate for this wedding. This post is long overdue, but even so I couldn't miss out on showing you the wedding of sweet Becky and Todd. Their beautiful wedding that got cut a little short because of the crazy Oklahoma weather. Becky is one of my friends from college. She survived through late nights and crazy hours of the graphic design department with me. She is literally one of the most patient and kind people I know. Always smiling and laughing. One of my favorite memories from her wedding day is that she would occasionally do something and say "oh, that wasn't very bridal." The best is when she referred the music they were listening to earlier in the day and she says "There is nothing bridal about Ludacris"

I loved Becky's firefly fingerprint guest book. As the guests continued to come, the fingerprints progressed out of the jar. So cute.

And cue the lightning, tsunami rains and tornado warning. But it was an amazing day and an amazing love that will endure, rain or shine.

Love y'all, xoxoely

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