Welcome Briggs: Ely Fair, Tulsa Newborn Photographer

Isn't he the most perfect little man you've ever seen? And his family has a special place in my heart, too. His mama was my my first client. FIRST one. And it has been nice to watch her family grow over the past few years.This session by far has been one of my favorites with them. Because I feel like I got to see such intimate view of the care and love in this family. When they held Briggs, it was like their arms were open just letting the love from their hearts overflow onto Briggs. I see that more often with mom's I think because they have 9 months of feeling them, knowing their hiccups and when they decided to do somersaults. But I thought Adam was especially sweet with Briggs. It's hard to explain, but instead of the timid hold that many parents have with a 5 day old baby, it was like they were two old souls together just hanging out. Congrats Lauren, Adam & big sister. :)


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