Today, I wanted to talk about my partner. In life and in business. This hansom fellow:The guy who gets me medicine when my tummy aches, cooks me dinner AND does the dishes, gets excited about Harry Potter and randomly exclaims spells at attacking bugs, and always makes sure I remember to pack underwear when we I go on trips. The guy who makes up for my reserved personality by being so lovable. And is always willing to get an icee with me. Who is also my partner in business. Started out as just my bag carrier and safety net but has grown into so much more. Most people who know us personally think of me as the main photographer and Ryan as my assistant. But I am always quick to correct them because over the past few years we have discovered Ryan has a true and honest eye for the art of taking photographs. It was quite a pleasant surprise. And occasionally I even get jealous of his pics (okay, more than occasionally). But mostly I am just proud of him, and how hard he works along side me, and for all the ways that he teaches me to be a better person, photographer and business owner. And I wanted to take some time to brag on him and show off some of his beautiful photographs (and how our watermark has changed over the past few years).

Love you sweetie. Even though you will probably never see this because you don't ever read the blog ;) xoely





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