Ryan's San Juan River Adventure: Ryan Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

Ryan here, this is actually my first post on the blog. But we figured, since we are a husband and wife team, I better actually get involved other than just behind the camera.  So what better way to attempt my first blog post than to talk about something I love to do--fish. So with some severe arm twisting, Elyse conceded to let me take one of the cameras to my San Juan Fishing trip. This was a trip of a lifetime for me that I got to take with my dad and uncle Mike and his friend John.  I have been fishing all of my life but this trip was different in that it was my first fly fishing experience.  My uncle Mike is an expert though and really took me under his wing to show me the ropes.  We also had a guide the first day that helped us learn the river.  Most of the photographs are from that day as taking the camera while wading through chest high water is not advisable even with a waterproof bag.  

I absolutely love this picture of my dad here, this was the trout that got him into the boo-yah ant club.  Our guide, Aaron was really fun and made this fly that imitated a giant ant (almost an inch long!)and he named it the boo-yah ant.  He didn't let me take pictures of it though because it's a secret club and the only way in is to catch a trout on it.  I made it into the club before my dad however.

Here's John looking at me making sure I'm not going to drink all of the whiskey.  In his words it was good people, good beer, good bourbon, and good fishing.

I told you Mike was a serious fly fisherman, he ties his own flies and here he is tying some "Black Beauties" the morning before one of our expeditions.

I could not get over how tiny some of these flies were here's whats called a "bunny leach" (the bigger one) and a "Johnny Flash" (the smaller one).

And here's to give a reference for size because my Dad does have an unusually large hand.  The one on the penny is the black beauty, the other is a red hot.

It was one of the most memorable trips I have ever been on, plus the weather was a fabulous 70-80 degrees compared to the 100s Oklahoma City was experiencing.  We caught tons of fish and lost tons of fish, but more importantly had a wonderful time.  It was amazing to catch fairly large trout (16-20 inches) on something so small and on a different type of fishing equipment than I'd ever used.  I wish that I could have captured more pictures of the fish but again I couldn't take the camera on the water for fear of my life as Ely surely would have ended it had something happened to the camera. -Ryan

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