Road Trip 2011 recap

Warning: This post will be frequented with far to many photos of my dog. So if that annoys you...well...tough.
Last week Ryan and I road tripped to visit my sister in Minneapolis. We were not excited about the 12 hour drive, but the upside was we got to take Pete with us.  And he was good entertainment. Here is is ready to roll. He has his travel bandanna on.

Just in case anyone was curious, Iowa has excellent rest stops and places for your pet to run around. Favorite photos of the trip.

Amy spoiled us and took us to several museums, including the Mill Museum. Minneapolis used to be the biggest hub for flour milling in the world.

Her friends also spoiled us by cooking us a yummy meal. They know the way to the Fair's hearts-- free food. And they have the cutest daughter, Alex, that I got to take some pictures of.


Highlight of the trip: GLEE CONCERT!

And driving home...never as fun.

All in all, it was an excellent trip, seeing my excellent sister, in excellent 70 degree weather. Excellent.

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