Michael & Lindsey Part 2: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

As promised, here are some around town portraits of Michael and Lindsey. We had a couple of hours between the wedding and the reception, so Michael and Lindsey let us take them all around for some more specialize portraits. Best part- we got to ride around in this little pretty:

Pretty sweet, huh? But we will get to some more of those pics in a bit, let's start at the beginning.

The veil decided to have a mind of its own on more than one occasion. But I supposed that's what to expect in the great state of Oklahoma.So Michael and Lindsey have a '72 Chevelle that they took on a Rout 66 Honeymoon road trip. They asked if we might want to take some pictures with it.

Um. Yes! We knew that they had sort of a retro style, so we wanted to mimic that with a retro style car wedding shoot.

Apparently we liked to tell them to kiss in the car pics...oh well. Everyone likes a good kiss every now and then. :)

Michael & Lindsey, we SO much enjoyed being a part of your day. Thank you, and we wish you much joy and many more kisses in your future together! xoely

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