I Want to be a Butter Cow Lady

So, this is kind of a random post for me. But yesterday I was driving home listening to NPR on the radio, when a story came over the air about the passing of Norma Lyon, a famed butter sculptor. She is best known for "sculpturing tons of U.S. Grade AA salted butter each year into life-size figures of cows."

I'm not going to lie, when they first started the story, I was kind of like "really...sculptures out of butter??" But when they reported that "She picked up her penchant for sculpting while earning her veterinary science degree at Iowa State University and helping her husband with the family dairy and beef cattle operation," I was really impressed. Because she put together her knowledge of animals, dairy farming, and her natural talent for art to create a medium that was very unique to her. And became well known and loved for it.

Being a photographer, I work in an industry that we all basically have the same tools-- camera, lenses, photoshop, etc. But I think what can make each of us have an individual voice is to draw from things that shaped us. I think it's hard because we can so readily see what others are doing, and respect their work and love their style, it's hard not be be like them. There was surely a time when I wanted to buy every one of the latest and greatest props that EVERYONE was using (don't get me wrong, I do love props, they're great fun), and it would make for a cute picture...that looked like the cute picture you could see on a blog over there...and over there...and over there. Mainly because I was drawing from a source of what everyone else was drawing from, not from myself and what I love.

I think that being a 'creative' is always a journey. Lately I've really been introspective about what I've been doing, what can I bring to the table that is worthwhile and different. And hopefully someday I will become my own type of butter cow lady.

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