Free Mini Session and 16x20 Canvas: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

Alright kids. Remember a while back when I said that there would be some perks to 'liking' the Ely Fair Photography page on facebook? Welp, I'm making good on my promise.

So for every 50 additional 'likes' that I get, I am going to give away a free mini session plus a 16x20 canvas print. Included in this would be a 20-30 minute photo session, 4 images of your choice on disk, and the behind-door-number-two-awesome-gift of a 16x20 Canvas. All together we're talking about a prize package worth more than $300. Yippee! 

So here's what you have to do to be entered. For the next week (Tuesday June 7 - Tuesday June 14th) go to my Facebook page and like me. And then come back to this post and tell me that you did that, so I can put your name in the program that picks the winners out just like the name says -- randomly. 

If you already like me on Facebook, you're still in luck! Just comment that you already do, and you will be entered into the contest. 

And if you really wanted to be an over achiever, you can post a link on the social media avenue of your choice because the more likes we get, the better the chance for more sessions to be given away, the better the chance for you to win! And if you do that, come back and comment, and that will give you an extra entry. 

And if you are like me, and just look at pictures on blogs, here is a visual recap:
That's right people, I have no shame, I'll buy my friends. :) Now if I can just get my husband to like me on facebook...

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