Michael & Jill's Yellow & Gray Pinwheel Wedding: Ely Fair, Tulsa Wedding Photographer

EEEEEKKKKK, I've been soooo excited to share this wedding! It was just so perfect in every way. The weather was sublime, the bride and groom so sweet, and the amount of time and effort that Jill and Michael put into the little details was incredible. And another thing that made it so special is because Michael is a college friend of mine. In fact, he's probably the only reason that I passed my 3D design class. He pretty much constructed the spiral staircase on the house that our class assignment called to recreate. Dang spiral stair case. I still hate that thing. But he was so kind, and just laughed every time that I messed it up. And that's the type of person he is. So kind. And he found a beautiful and wonderful woman, that equals him in kindness, to call his wife. I really can not sing enough of their praises of them as a couple, and what a fabulous wedding you had.

Mike & Jill got married in Tulsa at the Harwelden Mansion. It was Ryan and my first time to be there, and I'm truly in love with the place. It had a nice charm to it, but still very elegant. And they did a lot of the details herself. Mike designed and screen printed the invites. Jill folded paper cranes, made who knows how many pendent banners, and her maid of honor made their pinwheel corsages and bouquets. IN-CRED-IBLE.

I know I sound like I'm being over the top about everything, but their First Sight is one of my all time favorites, too. She snuck up on him and tickled him. Which brought this reaction:

Congratulations Mike & Jill! You have a sweet and wonderful little family, and I wish you many blessings on your life together! xoxoely

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