Josiah: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Child Photographer

You would be hard pressed to find a sweeter little man than Josiah. Josiah is the son of my dear family friend, Laura. So I met him in the hospital on day one that he was here on earth, and with life so crazy these days, I believe I've only seen him once since. And he's already going to be a big brother soon! So it was really neat to get to see what a gentleman he's grown up to be.  And by the end of our time together he was giving me hugs and kisses. This. Is. My. Heart. Melting. Yours will too...

I have to say, the photo above is one of my most favorite photos ever. I think mainly because it was spontaneous. I Josiah just ran up and gave his mom a big hug while I was taking pics of her. Granted, I had been trying to get him to do that earlier, but this was way better anyway :)I love your family, Laura. And can't wait to meet the babe. xoxoely

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