Grayson's 1 year!: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Child Photographer

This post is LOONNNGG overdue. I mean, way overdue. Like, we took these pictures in March overdue. I've been an editing machine lately, which means the little ol' blog is getting a tad bit neglected. But don't worry, you're in for a treat later this week! For now, you can ooo and awwe over sweet Grayson. I can't believe he is 1! I have been extra lucky because Gray is part of my life more than just between the photo sessions. I've got to see him grow from a wee little infant, to a crawling machine, to a little man who flirts with all of the girls in the restaurants. And of course he steals all of our hearts. I am definitely not the motherly type, but when he's around, I just want to hold him. And pat him on the back of the head. And feed him a leaf (okay, so not really that last part, but bonus to anyone who can tell me where that quote if from). All in all, he's the type of kid that makes 1/100 of an iota less scared to have children because of how cool he is.

I have to give mad props to mom for, well, the props! She did s super cute pinwheel party for Gray, and saved all the pinwheels that she HAND MADE for our session.

You have to have some cake smash pics on a one year. Just have to.

Grayson, you are so very, very loved and we are glad you're our buddy. We need to play soon. xoxoely

Simply Gorgeous.

Do You 'Like' Me? Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer