TIWIKAWIGM #9: Ethically Sourced Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Inspiration from Oklahoma City Photographer

So this week is dedicated to engagment rings because of the very exciting news that my sister-in-law Lori got engaged! Congratulations to you Lori & Sam! I'm so ridiculously excited for you! As I have gotten more involved with the wedding industry, the more and more I learn about amazing products and companies. And one thing I've been seeing more emphasis on is engagement rings made with reclaimed metals and ethically-sourced stones. After seeing the movie Blood Diamond, the ethics of diamond mining became a lot more important to me. So I was happy to hear of some ring jewelers that specialize in that, and one of my favorites is Bario-Neal.

I really enjoy the raw and handcrafted feel of them.

So this TIWIKAWIGM was short and sweet! Have a great weekend everyone! xoely

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