TIWIKAWIGH #8: Top It Off- Wedding Inspiration from Oklahoma City Photographer

I would venture to say 50% of my wardrobe is of the cardigan sort. I just love them. Not necessarily because I'm a cold natured person, but just because I feel much more complete with one on. I guess I've never been much of a bare shoulder person, even my wedding dress had little cap sleeves. But I'm loving when I see a bride who puts that little extra pop on top with a cute cover up or cardigan. Of course, Anthro's BHLDN is what got me thinking about them, so the whole top row is a tribute to them:

1-3: Anthropologie's BHLDN

4&9- everyday Anthropologie (I swear they should put me on the payroll, I promote them so much)

5- I forgot where this one came from...sorry

6&8 - JCrew

7- ModCloth (I think that's where 5 comes from too...)

Itty Bitty Sneak Peek of Tim & Katrice: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Little Lincoln: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer