Sweet Gabe: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Baby Photographer

My Friend Alyson, I call her Alphred, came for a short visit last month. Just enough time for us to squeeze in a mini session with her little man Gabe. So cute. And he looks just like his daddy, it's uncanny. I love Alphred because this is how our phone call greeting went when she got back home: Me: Hello! Alfred: GIMME MY PASSORD!

I had happened to have time to edit all of her pics that night because, well, I had time and it was just a couple of quick pics. And she, on the off chance, checked my proofing site to see if they were on there. Which they never are that soon. She just got lucky. And so did I because Gabe liked to flirt with the camera. And you know how much I like babies in hats.

See, I told you! A little flirt!

I'm sorry Alyson, I had to include this pic of you. You're such a sweet mom and fun mommy.

So nice to meet you sweet Gabe. Thanks for the flower. xoely

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