Flowers and Old Friends

I suppose since it is past midnight, I can officially say that it's my birthday, and today I am 27. What a weird age. Part of me still feels like I am in college. Part of me feels freaked out because 27 is the age in my mind that I always have associated with being a real adult. Not even a young adult, just an adult. Does this mean that I have to stop eating Alphabets and start eating raisin bran? I think my internal age calculator stopped at 25. I was out of the country for my 25th birthday, and then out of town for my 26th, so I think they didn't register in my brain until my dear friend Melody and I did the math the other day. So I've been milking this birthday for all it's worth! Including buying some blooms from my favorite local flower shop, New Leaf.

So New Leaf has this deal that after 3 on Saturday's their stems are half off. And that makes this girl very happy! Even though I usually don't allow myself to buy them unless I have a special reason. So, of course, I used my upcoming birthday as reason to buy ALL of my favorite flowers. Sweet Ryan was going to send me flowers at work, but in general, I like picking out my own flowers and creating my own centerpieces (In fact, when I entered into college, my plan was to open a flower shop! But then calculus entered the picture, and thus became my career as an art major.), so he took me to new leaf instead.

I picked out a beautiful batch of peonies, hydrangea, ranunculus, and some filler greenery-- thinking they would all come together in the most giant bouquet to honor the death of my young adultness. But I went a tad bit a lot of bit over the top because the hydrangea was the only thing to fit in my biggest vase! The flowers are just so pretty, I had to share a few pics.

And also a few pics of some dear friends from my teenage days :) The people who have shared life with me through first days of high school, learning to drive, first jobs, vacationing in places with no showers and crazy animals, moving me to college since my parents were out of town, sharing tears, and sharing even more laughs. Even though we are all over the place now, these people will always be a part of me. Love y'all, and love all of you who should be in these pics with us.


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