Cooking with the Combs Family: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Family Photographer

Let's start at the beginning. I love photos. Okay, that's established. And I REALLY love black and white photos. Sometimes I think about going back to film and basing my whole business around black and white photos, and then I could shoot in all black and white film and not even have the option for color. I like black and white because there is something about it that is classic and beautiful, and simple. Nine times out of 10, when I look at a photo, even other than mine, I like it better. Not that I don't love the ability to create an emotion with a certain way of editing, but when you take away the ability to enhance and over-saturate colors you remove the distractions, and the magic of the photo and the subject take life. But it's not often that I post a session with only black and white photos. Because I get distracted by the pretty colors. :) But every once in a while I shoot something that is so perfectly classic that I think that it's best portrayed in black and white. So I get my wish for this post!

The Combs family was one of my very first clients, and I've loved getting to see their family grow. I got to take newborns with their youngest, and then her one years, and this month we got to do a fun shoot! All the combs ladies received matching aprons for Christmas, and Mom thought it would be fun to do a cookie baking photo shoot. A themed shoot with sweet little girls in sweet aprons, making sweets? This family knows how to make this photographer happy. Love them.

Thank you so much for inviting me to spend the morning with you, and inviting me into your lives the past few years to capture your growing family. It's such an honor to be a part of that. And thanks for sending me home with some tasty cookies :) xoely

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