Today is Good: Ely Fair, Oklahoma City Photographer

On a normal basis, today would be a bust. I woke up late for my shoot this morning, my car is acting up (dad says it's spark plugs, let's hope so), the motor on one of my lens went out (I didn't even know that could happen), and all that to boot I killed my flower in the front and went to water some more and the water hose is broken. But...

I am happy today. The weather is sunny and warm. I have family and friends who love me. My photo shoot this morning made me really excited. And I'm working on some packaging, which is one of my favorite things:

(If you've inquired about a wedding recently, this could be on it's way to you!!)

And the book I have been eagerly awaiting finally in the mail:

Any of my photographer friends recognize it??

And my photo shoot from this morning makes my heart smile. Love the family, love the idea, loving how the pictures are looking. I couldn't help but edit a few and share them.

So, overall, good day. Now I'm going to go draw a bubble bath and make good use of the new book :) xoely

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